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Bluesky Paragliding in Kamshet

Paragliding in kamshet

Paragliging in kamshet Package

Bliss Joyride


In Bliss Joyride our instructor will take you high in the sky and give you a very stable and safe flight.

  • A Two-Seater JOYRIDE with an experienced pilot
  • It is the most FUN grand Easiest way to taste the exhilaration of free flight.
  • Duration: 10-15 Min

₹ 2999/ per person

Instructional Tandem


Instructional Tandem is for those who want to experience glider control on their own, with the help of the Pilot’s instruction and with all safety.

  • The Instructional Tandem Pilot will show you how the control work while flying.
  • You will be given controls to experience how it is to fly all by yourself.
  • But with the safety of the instructor flying with you.
  • Duration: 10-15 Min

₹ 3999/ per person

Acro Tandem


In Acro Tandem, you will get a thrilling and breathtaking experience. You will get the experience in the air from a different acrobatic maneuver.

  • Taste the thrills & rush of adrenalines with speed and force,in this one of its kind tandems.
  • Our Specialized Acro Pilots will take you through acrobatic maneuvers
  • Duration: 10-15 Min

₹ 4499/ per person

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to Bluesky Paragliding in kamshet

Paragliding in kamshet

If you’re looking for an adventurous activity during your visit to the Pawna Nager,Lonavala here Bluesky paragliding Paragliding in kamshet is highly recommend for beginner and experience paragliders. Bluesky Paragliding in kamshet is one of the best weekend gateway near Mumbai and Pune City. it’s located near Pawna Lake Pawna Nager, Lonavala, Kamshet. It’s not just about Paragliding, it’s the way you look at life! So book your slot for paragliding in kamshet with Bluesky Paragliding

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Frequently Ask Questions

Here are some questions and answers that helps you before ride, feel free to contact us if you have questions related to ride. 

Paragliding is the simplest form of aviation. It does not have any machine, it could be foot-launched on the top of the mountain with an inflatable lightweight glider. Once the glider is inflated, the pilot and passenger take a few steps and that’s it, you are flying. No free fall like sky diving.

Despite Paragliding being an adventure sport, it is quite safe as compared to other adventure activities. As we do not compromise safety, we fly only when it is 100% safe to fly. Our experienced pilots have a lot of experience to be the judge of right weather conditions. So rest assured, safety will never be compromised

A very highly trained and experienced pilot will fly the paraglider and take you for the ride. You can simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

Its very simple just Call or WhatsApp on given number

Paragliding is for everyone. Everyone is scared of heights. It is natural but Moment you are in the air, within a few seconds fear would fly away and you would want to do it more n more…In case you just don’t feel comfortable, tell your pilot and pilot will make you land but that has never happened before with us.

After booking we will send you the details of meeting point and related all details related ride.

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